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Digital Tools

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CAF-Online is a unique online CAF-questionnaire system from KDZ-Centre for Public Administration Research. It is based on LimeSurvey which compiles the results of the individual self-assessments to a final comprehensive document (in MS Excel) as basis for the consensus workshop. It leads through the CAF-assessment-questionnaire, which consists of 28 criteria. Each criterion is displayed on a screen, and after completing the page the "Next" key opens the next criterion. After completion of the survey, it can be printed and released for the consensus workshop. The details of all evaluation team members are brought together anonymously to one common document.

Contact: giebhart(a)

CAF-Online Leitfaden für BenutzerInnen (German language)

Caf 2020 etool- Desktop version

This is an experimental desktop application for Windows 10 O.S. . This etool was born in 2013. This is a portable version, hence it doesn't need to be installed and has been developed with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 in C# language, with the recent .Net Core technology. Few years ago it was presented to EIPA. It can be adopted by any organisation (also in the Education sector) and easily localisable in every language.In the partially localised versions, only the examples are localised, being the interface in english.

Caf Education etool

The reference document is the Caf Education 2013

Windows 7 users (with service pack 1)

YouTube videos (These videos were made almost two years ago so they differ slightly from the current layout, but they essentially reflect the actual content)

Contact: spampinato55(a)

☆ Partial localisation concerns only the examples

Software updating date: 16/02/2021