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1.1Provide direction for the organisation by developing its mission, vision and values CAF Enabler
Action planA document containing a plan of tasks, allocation of responsibilities, goals for the implementation of the project (e.g. targets/deadlines) and resources needed (e.g. hours, money).
CAFCommon Assessment Framework The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is a total quality management tool developed by the public sector for the public sector, inspired by the Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). It is based on the premise that excellent results in organisational performance, citizens/customers, people and society are achieved through leadership driving strategy and planning, people, partnerships, resources and processes. It looks at the organisation from different angles at the same time: the holistic approach to organisation performance analysis.
EFQMEuropean Foundation for Quality Management
EnablerCriteria 1-5 deal with the managerial practices of an organisation, the so-called ‘Enablers’. These determine what the organisation does and how it approaches its tasks to achieve the desired results. The assessment of actions relating to the Enablers should be based on the Enablers Panel (see CAF Scoring and Assessment Panels).
EUEuropean Union
KDZCentre for Public Administration Research
ResultsFrom Criterion 6 onwards, the focus of the assessment shifts from Enablers to Results. In the first three Results Criteria we measure perceptions: what our people, citizens/customers and society think of us. We also have internal performance indicators which show how well we are doing against the targets we may have set for ourselves – the outcomes. The assessment of results requires a different set of responses, so the responses from this point onwards are based on the Results Assessment Panel (see CAF Scoring and Assessment Panels).