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Self-Assessment and Improvement Process

From CAF Network

The CAF implementation follows a three-phase plan.

Phase 1: Start of the CAF Journey[edit]

The decision for implementing the CAF is the starting signal for a comprehensive improvement and change process of the organisation. This has to be considered from the beginning and requires clear responsibilities, commitment and decision of the management to adopt the CAF, and the involvement of the employees.

Phase 2: CAF Self-Assessment[edit]

Here, a joint self-evaluation of the organisation by employees and management is carried out on the basis of the criteria in order to identify strengths and areas for improvement. The main result of this phase, in addition to the evaluation, is a catalogue with ideas for improvement for the further development of the organisation. The expected output is a self-assessment report.

Phase 3: CAF Improvement Plan[edit]

On the basis of the ideas for improvement developed in phase 2, a CAF improvement plan is drawn up, which specifies the implementation of the ideas for improvement. Here, the individual actions are prioritised, provided with schedules and responsibilities, and assigned the necessary resources. Now the CAF improvement plan has be implemented within two years. After this, a new CAF self-assessment process can be started. This loop ensures the continuous improvement process in the organisation.

The whole process is supported by guidelines covering a ten-step implementation plan.