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Subcriterion 1.2

From CAF Network

Manage the organisation, its performance and its continuous improvement

Leaders develop, implement and monitor the organisation’s management system. An appropriate organisational structure with clear responsibilities for all levels of staff, as well as defined management, support and core processes, should guarantee the efficient achievement of the organisation’s strategy for outputs and outcomes. The performance management is based on defined measurable targets reflecting outputs and outcomes of the organisation’s activities. Integrated performance management systems combine outputs and outcomes with resources to enable guidance based on rational evidence. It allows regular reviewing of performance and results.

Leaders are responsible for improving performance. They prepare for the future by organising the changes necessary to deliver the mission. The initiation of a continuous improvement process is a core target of quality management. Leaders prepare the ground or continuous improvement by ensuring an open culture for innovation, learning and ethical behaviour.


  • a. Define appropriate managerial structures, processes, functions, responsibilities and competencies ensuring the organisation’s agility.
  • b. Steer the improvement of the organisation’s management system and performance in accordance with the expectations of stakeholders and customers’ differentiated needs.
  • c. Define the management information system with input from the internal control and risk management system.
  • d. Set targets and use a balanced set of results and outcomes to measure and evaluate the performance and impact of the organisation, prioritising customers’ and citizens’ differentiated needs.
  • e. Ensure good internal and external communication in the whole organisation and use new means of communication including social media.
  • f. Develop a management system that prevents corruption and unethical behaviour, but also supports employees by providing compliance guidelines.