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Subcriterion 1.3

From CAF Network

Inspire, motivate and support people in the organisation and act as a role model

Through their personal behaviour and their human resource management leaders inspire, motivate and support the employees. Acting as role models, the leaders reflect the established objectives and values, encouraging employees to act in the same way. Employees are supported by the leaders to reach their targets by carrying out their duties. A transparent style of leadership based on mutual feedback, trust and open communication motivates people to contribute to the organisation’s success.

Besides these issues of personal behaviour, central factors for motivation and support of employees can also be found in the organisation’s leadership and management system. Delegation of competences and responsibilities, including accountability, is the main managerial basis for motivating people. Equal opportunities for personal development and learning as well as recognition and rewarding systems are also motivating factors.


  • a. Inspire through an innovation-driven leadership culture based on mutual trust and openness.
  • b. Lead by example, thus personally acting in accordance with established objectives and values (e.g. integrity, sense-making, respectfulness, participation, innovation, empowerment, precision, accountability, agility).
  • c. Promote a culture of mutual trust between leaders and employees with proactive measures to counter any kind of discrimination, encouraging equal opportunities and addressing individual needs and personal circumstances of employees.
  • d. Inform and consult employees regularly on key issues related to the organisation.
  • e. Empower and support employees providing them with timely feedbacks in order to improve their performance.
  • f. Promote a learning culture, stimulate employees to develop their competences and to adjust to new requirements (by preparing for the unexpected and by learning quickly).