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Subcriterion 2.4

From CAF Network

Manage change and innovation to ensure the agility and resilience of the organisation

An effective public sector needs to ensure agility and resilience to be able to innovate and change practices to deal with new expectations from citizens/customers, to enhance the quality of the service and to reduce costs. Innovation can occur in several ways:

  • by implementing innovative methods and processes for providing services or goods;
  • with new methods of managing work programmes;
  • by introducing innovative services or goods that have a higher added value for citizens and customers.

The design phase is crucial: for later decisions, for the operational delivery of services and for the evaluation of the innovations themselves. A prime responsibility of the management is therefore to create and communicate an open, supportive attitude towards suggestions for improvement wherever they come from.


  • a. Identify needs and drivers for innovation considering the opportunities and pressure of digital transformation.
  • b. Communicate the organisation’s innovation policy and results to all relevant stakeholders.
  • c. Build an innovation-driven culture and create scope and space for cross-organisational development.
  • d. Manage change effectively and inform and involve employees and stakeholders at an early stage.
  • e. Implement systems for generating creative ideas and encourage innovative proposals from employees and stakeholders at all levels supporting exploration and testing.