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TermDefinitionDefinition of termCriterionCAF criterionUsageUsage of CAF term definitionVersionCAF version
Leitung#CAF AbfallwirtschaftLeitung iS des CAF sind die leitenden Bediensteten des Abfallwirtschaftsverbandes. (de)1.1CAF AbfallwirtschaftCAF 2013
CAF 2020
Leitung#CAF KommunalLeitung iS des CAF-kommunal sind die BürgermeisterInnen und leitenden Bediensteten der Gemeinde (vgl. § 42 Nö-Gemeindeordnung). (de)1.1
CAF KommunalCAF 2013

Common Assessment Framework

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is a total quality management tool developed by the public sector for the public sector, inspired by the Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). It is based on the premise that excellent results in organisational performance, citizens/customers, people and society are achieved through leadership driving strategy and planning, people, partnerships, resources and processes. It looks at the organisation from different angles at the same time: the holistic approach to organisation performance analysis.

Provide direction for the organisation by developing its mission, vision and values

CAF Enabler